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Hello all!

Random thoughts part: (Skip this if you don't want to be bored with random hair thoughts.) I have been having a crazy difficult time with my hair lately; it's not been behaving correctly and I do recall that when I finally made it past waist length last time it did the same exact thing, but ended up cutting it all off because I was hating how it was acting.

NOT AGAIN!!   I decided to look at my routine and to compare and see what the issues were so I didn't do the same thing.  Back then, I was only washing once a week, which I will absolutely never do again, right now I was trying to stretch washes every 4-5 days.  So perhaps a little bit of oil buildup is causing issues. Before, I was using Giovanni, I am using Giovanni right now.  Of course, this time of year does cause quite a bit of static and such.

Not a whole lot of things happening right now that would cause my hair to misbehave other than perhaps I'm trying to baby it too much? I know that sounds weird, but I look online at all these amazing haired gurus on YouTube  and they wash their hair everyday, style it heat it and it looks great!  Which got me thinking...is the natural hype really worth it for my hair type?

Thinking about it, and looking on various blogs, there is tons of natural hair care information for people with curly hair and textured hair, but not so much for people with longer straight hair.  Now, I'm not talking just hair care, I'm talking SLS free natural hair care; that type of thing.  And there isn't a lot of information for people with long, straight hair.  I mean, there is, but not really...*sigh* okay this made so much more sense in my head!

Breaking my jarble brain down: 1. Hair is not behaving with natural regime. 2. Can't find a lot of people who have a natural hair care breakdown for straight hair. 3. Bottom line; I'm going back to my old routine.  Sort of.

Every single time I have ever gone crazy with my hair routine, my hair starts to freak out.  I tried the shampoo bars; just didn't work and very expensive.  Tried WEN only, and my hair got oily and staticky.  Tried to stretch washings with Giovanni, and it falls flat.  The reason I'm growing out my hair is to enjoy it down, not to keep it up and brag about how little I wash it and how little chemicals I put on it.  When you think about it, it's all chemical, it's just a matter of where your chemical comes from.  So, I am going to stop freaking out about it, because honestly, I used to have super long hair when I was younger and shampooed and washed everyday with cheapo Suave and it looked great.  If my baby long hair head could deal with it then, then it can certainly deal with it now!  Plus that, I just like having a schedule.  I really do; I am a list maker and having a list for what I'm going to do with my head keeps me from freaking out on it.

So I went back to my Suave Almond and Shea Butter.  I'm going to oil the night before I wash, and wash on specific days instead of whenever.  I also bought some raw Shea butter bulk and I'm going to whip it up and use that on my hair and skin too.  And yes, Suave has SLS, but I used it for years before I went crazy on my routine and it was fine, and my hair likes it.  I know I said I wouldn't go back, but seriously I have to do something or I'm going to cut off all my hair.

I know that this doesn't really matter to anyone but myself, but this is a hair blog, so darn it I'm going to write about hair!!

Interesting stuff: I came across a really cool blog yesterday; this blogger is what I wish I was; an actual scientific resource for people interested in hair information. The Natural haven Bloom has some really informative articles on the breakdown of hair care products and its impact on your hair health.  I highly recommend going to this website if you have any questions regarding pH balance of products, SLS breakdowns, hair health, etc. etc.

So yeah, that's the interesting stuff.  Sorry this is a random and probably very boring post, but I wanted to get it all out there more for my own benefit than anything.  It was about four years ago that I got fed up and quit and cut it all short and I just really don't want to do that again, so I'm trying to create a breadcrumb trail of improvement so I can track my progress.

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