Conditioner only saga continues *Updated*

I did it!  I washed my hair with just conditioner!  And, I've gotta say: WOW!!

I am SO impressed! I don't know I wrote this method off when I first heard about it; it is absolutely wonderful!

I used both of the V05 conditioners that I bought; the Moisture milk for the scalp and the Silky experienced for the length; I about two big palm sized amount of the Moisture milk and massage it in really well and then about 1 big palmful of the Silky experiences for the length.  I gently squeezed it through my length and massaged throughout my shower, combed it at the end and then rinsed a whole bunch.  I took a 21 minute shower - to give you an idea of the time - and massaged my hair through that time.  I rinsed for about three to five minutes and wrapped in a towel; I did use my Giovanni anti frizz and then braided for overnight waves.   Something people mentioned noticing was an increase in hair shed when they did CO only, and I really didn't experience that at all, so that's heartening.

Here is my scalp:

It is very clean and has a lot of movement; there is no greasy feeling and I can run my fingers through it no problem.

Here is the length:

I wish I had better lighting because it is very shiny and soooooooooo soft!!

I will definitely keep you all updated on this new journey, but so far I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


We are now another week into my conditioner only without WEN and using only the VO5 and I wanted to post some updated photos.  This is the morning after I washed my hair the night before.

Here is my scalp in the sunlight - it's very shiny and no clumping or grease buildup:

My hair from the side
And from the back 

Here is another shot of my scalp; the back is a little poofy on one side because of how I slept on it, but when I've been running my fingers through it, it feels cleans, but incredibly soft.

So far I haven't been able to see a bad side to all of this yet; I am so INCREDIBLY impressed with the CO method and how well it has worked for my hair; of course every scalp and head of hair is different, so you'll have to try things to see what works for you, but I think I have found my new favorite and hopefully permanent hair washing solution.

Hey everyone!
So I will be clarifying tomorrow evening for the first time since I started this - which is roughly one month ago.  I wanted to see if I could wait longer, but certain circumstances have dictated that I be able to be in and out of the shower quickly - I'll explain later.  So I wanted to show you guys a picture of my hair how it is; one month into CO wash.

It's very soft and shiny right now - the scalp maybe is laying a little flatter, but honestly, after a month - I'm not complaining!!  Plus that, I've been working out pretty extensively the past three weeks, so my scalp will be changing a little.

I will send you all a picture of the results after I clarify; I'm just going to use the V05, Silky Experiences coconut methinks; it will hopefully have enough moisture, but enough to cleanse, and then we'll start again.



Matcha Latte

I've been looking for a coffee alternative to drink during my 3pm slump and I've decided I'm going to try Matcha, which is essentially powdered green tea.   This is my experience making it! 
Green tea 
Almond milk
Honey (optional) 

I didn't want to spend a million dollars on the actual matcha because it's really expensive, and I didn't feel like waiting to order some in bulk, so I bought a loose green tea and ground it down myself.

After grinding down my tea I put unsweetened almond milk and water - the ratio of almond milk to water is up to you and your taste preference - on the stove to heat - don't let it boil, but you want it pretty hot. 

Add the tea - 1 tsp should be plenty; anymore and it's going to taste too bitter 

Take a whisk and make this 

Do this

Once you have whisked the tea into the milk you're going to want to pour it into a cup - since my tea is not traditional matcha, I strained mine out

I added a light spoonful of honey and enjoyed!  That's all for now, this was a simple share today, but I enjoyed my cup o' matcha and hopefully it will be something you'll enjoy experimenting with. 


Adventures in CO-washing!

I have been conducting an experiment for the past two and half weeks or so of just washing my hair with WEN.  I have not let shampoo touch my head since a little bit before the beginning of this month.  I know that WEN is technically a "cleansing" conditioner, but looking through the ingredients and reading from other users I think that menthol is the biggest difference in its ingredients vs. other conditioners. I'm also thinking it's a good transition product. (Oh, I also have only used the Sweet Almond Fig conditioner and like it for the menthol, but that's it.)

So, for those of you not familiar with CO washing, it's pretty much just that; you find a conditioner that works well with your hair type and use it as a cleansing agent rather than just a detangler and moisturizer.  A lot of curly haired people and people with textured hair use this method because it doesn't strip their more delicate hair of the natural oils, but still cleans it enough that it's not dirty.  People with really fine hair can use this method, but many have found they need to "clarify" (use baking soda, or an actual shampoo product.)  People like me with thick, straight hair have had both good and bad experiences, and I think I'm willing to try it and see what happens. 

I know that I've done a WEN review before; I was using it with my Giovanni hair products and what I had been doing was massaging the WEN into my hair after already cleaning it with the shampoo and I think that the two of them together was a really bad idea; I had way too much static and not enough in the way of moisture and my hair just felt plain icky.  I have so far only been using WEN twice a week (I wet my hair down every night in the shower and use my Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner on my length every night, except the nights I use WEN) and I haven't deep conditioned at all. 

So far, here is what my hair looks like: 

This is Tuesday Afternoon (I also did a quick brush with my fingers, so it's not smooth, sorry) - I wash my hair Wednesday nights; I didn't show you a photo of the scalp because I have a hat on, but there is no buildup; I don't feel greasy I have been able to consistently run my fingers through my hair all day whenever I want during this experiment and haven't felt like my hair wasn't clean.  I've had a lot of people give me compliments too, which is a big encouragement. 

So yeah!  This is pretty exciting, and since I'm seeing such amazing results I am going to take it to the next step: REGULAR CONDITIONER!! *dramatic music*.  

The problem with WEN is that is it super expensive and if you buy from the WEN website then you have to either cancel your account because they will send you a bottle every two months and charge you the Thirty dollars a bottle or buy it somewhere else - I went through Sephora.  The problem is that it's still thirty buck a pop and you have to use a lot of conditioner in order to get a good, clean, result.  

I've looked online at various reviews and two products really stick out to people: White Rain and Vo5.  The Vo5 moisture milks seem to be best, and the White Rain volume conditioners are popular.  I've decided to start with Vo5 because it seems there is more information about it with people experimenting.  I purchased two bottles, one of the moisture milks and one of the silky experiences.  And the best part of this so far?  The two of them cost less than three bucks.  WOOT!  Yay for cheap products!  The potential down side?  They are silicone free, and if I have learned anything in my experiences with hair products, it's that my hair really likes silicons to help keep static at bay.  I'm going to still try it because 1) I'm hoping that the reason for the static was the over stripped of my hair and without using shampoo I won't have that issue and 2) If I do notice a big issue I will start adding the Suave Conditioner to my length because it does have silicons.  WEN, by the way, is also a "cone" Conditioner, so it does have that coating product.  A lot of people can't stand it, I've never had an issue with them.  I will admit that I didn't get the most popular Vo5 moisture milk which is strawberries and cream because while I really like the smell of it, I didn't want the powerful sweetness of it clash which my typical "smell" - haha if that makes sense.  I love yummy smell good hair products, but I usually go for a richer smell, like coconut.

We'll see what happens.  I am going to do a light baking soda wash tonight along with the Suave so that I don't have leftover product from the WEN; I really want to have a decent review of the Vo5 and a good idea of what it's like and then I'll wash with the moisture milk first.  I really loved the way the silky experiences conditioner smelled so that's the main reason why I got it, but it's a new product and there is not a lot of information or reviews on it yet. 

I've decided that if this doesn't work, I'm going to do a couple of things first.  1) I will evaluate whether or not I need to clarify, which I doubt because it's silicone free and 2) I'll add tea tree oil to it, if I'm not liking the results, because, again the biggest different with WEN and other conditioners, from what I can tell, is the menthol. 

How does one CO wash?  Ever wonder? No? Well, too bad, I'm going to tell you anyhow.  The first thing most people need to realize is that while conditioners do have enough in the way of cleansing products in them to clean, they can't do it alone like SLS based shampoos can; which bind oil and water together to help it wash away from the length.  Conditioners need you to help lift that dirt and oil out of your hair so it goes down the drain and not settle back into your scalp.  So the first thing is to add A LOT of conditioner to your scalp; enough to evenly coat your scalp and length and then massage, massage, massage.  Massaging is good for your hair anyway because it helps stimulate your scalp to promote hair growth and it's going to lift the dirt with your fingers mix it into the conditioner.  I'm not saying you need to use a whole bottle, per say, but I a big palmful of WEN and then another medium size palmful on my length. (The stuff on the scalp will move down the hair length too, so that will help coat the rest of your hair.)  I haven't really noticed a need to squeeze the product throughout my length, but if you find that you're dealing with a lot of oil then I definitely do that.  The reason why I haven't needed to is after I've massaged my scalp for a few minutes, I comb my hair out with a plastic wide tooth comb - CAREFULLY!!  Then I'll let the product sit on my head while I shave and wash and all that good girlie stuff.  I do like to massage the product in my hair throughout my shower, which typically takes about 25 minutes.  Then, at the very end of my shower, I rinse, rinse and rinse some more.  Once I feel like the conditioner is gone then I'll turn the water to as cool as I dare subject myself to, do a final rinse and I'm done. I towel dry, wide tooth comb, add my Giovanni anti frizz serum - I still use it and probably will till the day I die because I love it that much - and then put it in my nightly braids and I'm good to go! 

The main thing I have noticed with not using shampoo is that I can't put my hair up in a top night at night anymore and I've actually just come up with a theory as I'm writing this.  When I pile the length on top of my scalp, some of that leftover conditioner and Giovanni product is not just soaking into my length, but it's also soaking into the scalp that it's sitting on. Hmmmm.  I might have to experiment with that.  I've done side buns with no real problem, but it seems that when it sits on my part then I have issues.  So you might want to be aware of that if you are a damp-bunner.  Personally, I've really been digging the waves anyway, so I'm good to go with the braids anyways. 

I think that's about it.  I will do a gentle massage on my scalp in the shower every night and I put about two tablespoons to three depending on the day of conditioner on my length - I focus on the nape of my neck because my hair there is desperate to create dreadlocks (that has also gone down since I've cut shampoo also, interestingly enough) - but I won't put any conditioner above my ears unless it's just the leftovers in my hands and I'm massaging.  

That was a really long post; I'll post more about my experiences as I get farther into my no-shampoo journey; I'm excited to try the Vo5 can't wait to share with you.  Peace out, y'all! 


Mayo hair masque

 Woot!! I'm back! Well, my computer isn't back yet, but I'm using another one and I'm picking up the software today so I'll be able to post more awesome and I do have some fun experiment stuff that I've been working on that I'm excited to share with everyone.  So, for now though, we're going to show you one of my favorite masques; honey, oil and mayo.  I know that some people argue that mayo is weird to put in your hair, but I like it because of the moisture it gives and the protein, but just like any protein treatment, keep a close eye on your hair because too much protein can make your hair feel brittle and rough.

For this treatment you'll need:
Mayo - I like using the mayo made with olive oil
Olive oil - or coconut oil if you prefer
Honey - whatever kind you like best

Add the mayo and oil together - I use about 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup of mayo and about 1/4 cup of oil.  You're going to want enough to coat your whole head so plan accordingly.

Add the honey

Mix it all together until it looks like goo

Ewww slimy....

After that, you're going to want to put a trash bag over your head and make little arm holes.  I find this to be the best way to keep your bathroom and your clothing from looking like a giant sneezed all over you

Brush your hair and start coating your hair with the mixture.  I prefer to start with the length and use the leftover for the scalp; the purpose of this treatment is to help add moisture and strength back into the length of the hair because it is older and more fragile.  You can also section out your hair if you have super thick hair like mine.

Once you have coated your length, add the remaining mixture to your scalp and gently massage it in because it feels sooooooooo good.  After that, gently gather your hair up into a top knot - loosely twisted; this stuff will harden and will be harder to get out if you've tangled your hair up and pin it down.

I like to put a plastic bag over my head to keep the mixture from dripped off my head, but usually you won't have too much of a problem because it's a pretty hardy and sticky mixture.

Don't I look fabulous?

After that, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!! You do not want to leave this stuff sitting around it will start to smell and be super icky to get off the counter tops.  Mayo = good for hair, bad for counter tops

Now you have to find something to do until about an hour is up.

I made cupcakes!!

I call them unicorn barf cupcakes.

After that, hit the shower and gently massage your hair under the water until it comes loose for the top knot.  Then you can shampoo and condition per normal!

This is a recipe that is something you'll want to edit based off of your hair's needs.  Sometimes you won't need as much honey or as much oil.  You can also substitute the mayo with plain Greek yogurt.



Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!  Be it a day that you get to spend with someone special, or a day that you get to treat yourself to something you enjoy, or even if it's just another day to you, I hope it's a splendid and blessed one!

I decided that instead of doing a Valentine's makeup/hair post I would post all of my favorite funny V Day videos I've discovered so far, because if your work place is anything like mine right now, you are so hyped up on sugar and chocolate, working is just not going to happen.  At least not until after I crash from the pound of red hots I ingested for breakfast.

OKIDOKIES!! Here we go!

Josh Groban simply, ROCKS my SOCKS off.  I love his sense of humor, and this is a fun little blurb that I think you'll enjoy.

If you're anything like me, then you have a deep love and appreciated for morbid humor; this is an old video, but it's a favorite of mine and many of my friends, so take a look and have a laugh!

I have to admit that when I was first introduced to Kid President, I thought, "great, another parent trying to proclaim their political agenda through their kid."  But the more I got to listening to him, the more he made me giggle and smile.  I really enjoyed his love song and I hope you do too.

I keep adding to the list throughout the day as I discover more, but I hope that these made you smile; now go indulge in someone that you really like, be it chocolate or candy or a nap in front of your favorite soap opera!



Still not technically back

Well, my software came in, but the problem is it's at the UPS store and I can't get there while I'm at work so I won't be able to get my regular stuff onto my blog until.  I just bought a new hair toy so I figured I would at least fill in the silent gap with something pretty for you all.

I just bought this from the seller The Cobbler Magpie on etsy, because I was feeling bling-less and needed to appease my hair toy addiction.  I ordered his quiet purple fish on chain hair stick.  Here are photos of the purchased product:

This is a good example of the size, but you're seeing the underbelly of the fish, sorry. It also gives you a good hair length shot :) 

And this is a close up of the fish itself.  Very pretty.

So that's all for now, I'll hopefully have my software soon and then I'll be able to post more stuff; I have a hair masque I want to share and then potentially do a hair shampoo experiment; I've been using WEN for a week right now because I haven't had the energy to deep condition, so I'm interested to see how long it takes before my hair starts acting up with buildup. We'll see. 

That's all for now! Have a great day! 


Please excuse my absence!

I haven't forgotten to blog, I have photos that need editing and posts that need posting the only problem is my computer has finally gotten so outdated that it won't let me do anything other than read the news essentially, so until my updated software arrives in the mail I am without blogging abilities.  Sorry!

I'll be back soon!