Conditioner only saga continues *Updated*

I did it!  I washed my hair with just conditioner!  And, I've gotta say: WOW!!

I am SO impressed! I don't know I wrote this method off when I first heard about it; it is absolutely wonderful!

I used both of the V05 conditioners that I bought; the Moisture milk for the scalp and the Silky experienced for the length; I about two big palm sized amount of the Moisture milk and massage it in really well and then about 1 big palmful of the Silky experiences for the length.  I gently squeezed it through my length and massaged throughout my shower, combed it at the end and then rinsed a whole bunch.  I took a 21 minute shower - to give you an idea of the time - and massaged my hair through that time.  I rinsed for about three to five minutes and wrapped in a towel; I did use my Giovanni anti frizz and then braided for overnight waves.   Something people mentioned noticing was an increase in hair shed when they did CO only, and I really didn't experience that at all, so that's heartening.

Here is my scalp:

It is very clean and has a lot of movement; there is no greasy feeling and I can run my fingers through it no problem.

Here is the length:

I wish I had better lighting because it is very shiny and soooooooooo soft!!

I will definitely keep you all updated on this new journey, but so far I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up!


We are now another week into my conditioner only without WEN and using only the VO5 and I wanted to post some updated photos.  This is the morning after I washed my hair the night before.

Here is my scalp in the sunlight - it's very shiny and no clumping or grease buildup:

My hair from the side
And from the back 

Here is another shot of my scalp; the back is a little poofy on one side because of how I slept on it, but when I've been running my fingers through it, it feels cleans, but incredibly soft.

So far I haven't been able to see a bad side to all of this yet; I am so INCREDIBLY impressed with the CO method and how well it has worked for my hair; of course every scalp and head of hair is different, so you'll have to try things to see what works for you, but I think I have found my new favorite and hopefully permanent hair washing solution.

Hey everyone!
So I will be clarifying tomorrow evening for the first time since I started this - which is roughly one month ago.  I wanted to see if I could wait longer, but certain circumstances have dictated that I be able to be in and out of the shower quickly - I'll explain later.  So I wanted to show you guys a picture of my hair how it is; one month into CO wash.

It's very soft and shiny right now - the scalp maybe is laying a little flatter, but honestly, after a month - I'm not complaining!!  Plus that, I've been working out pretty extensively the past three weeks, so my scalp will be changing a little.

I will send you all a picture of the results after I clarify; I'm just going to use the V05, Silky Experiences coconut methinks; it will hopefully have enough moisture, but enough to cleanse, and then we'll start again.


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