Still not technically back

Well, my software came in, but the problem is it's at the UPS store and I can't get there while I'm at work so I won't be able to get my regular stuff onto my blog until.  I just bought a new hair toy so I figured I would at least fill in the silent gap with something pretty for you all.

I just bought this from the seller The Cobbler Magpie on etsy, because I was feeling bling-less and needed to appease my hair toy addiction.  I ordered his quiet purple fish on chain hair stick.  Here are photos of the purchased product:

This is a good example of the size, but you're seeing the underbelly of the fish, sorry. It also gives you a good hair length shot :) 

And this is a close up of the fish itself.  Very pretty.

So that's all for now, I'll hopefully have my software soon and then I'll be able to post more stuff; I have a hair masque I want to share and then potentially do a hair shampoo experiment; I've been using WEN for a week right now because I haven't had the energy to deep condition, so I'm interested to see how long it takes before my hair starts acting up with buildup. We'll see. 

That's all for now! Have a great day! 

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