Home made hair masque

I thought I would share a hair masque recipe with you guys today.

First off, you'll need: 

Olive oil, an egg and a RIPE avocado.  In this particular tutorial, I did not have a very ripe avocado, and you'll see why you need a ripe avocado.  By the way, did you know that if you say avocado enough times it starts sounding like a made up jarble word? Avocado avocado avocado...seriously.  Try it.

At any rate, take one egg, one avocado and enough olive oil to make everything jive together smoothly and put it in a blender or food processor.  I chose the latter. A mini food processor to be precise. Chop or Grind:

Until it looks like this:

And place in a bowl with a spoon (spoon is optional actually, but the bowl isn't.  No putting your fingers in a blade infested food processor container):

Although it looks like the avocado is mixed up throughouly, my avocado is not ripe enough to actually mix into the mixture.  You want to mix it to the point that it looks like green mud...or horse pucky...or something that you would try to feed a baby.

Go to the bathroom and either lay down a plastic something on the floor so you don't green mush all over the floor or be super careful when applying to your hair.
To prep your head you need to put a towel that you don't mind getting icky around your shoulders:

Also, brush your hair; it will make application a lot easier:

Start applying your baby food mush stuff to your hair, trying to apply as evenly as possible.  Unfortunately, again because my avocado wasn't ripe enough, it applied in little chunks, but I still got all of the egg and oil in my hair too:

It looks like I have green dandruff. Groovy.

Okay!  Let that sit in your hair for at least twenty minutes to two hours. Then go the shower and rinse that nasty green goop out of your hair.  Shampoo and condition as normal, but seriously, make sure you get that stuff out otherwise it's not good.

You are left with nice shiny and healthy hair!
Remember, that hair is dead.  You cannot reverse damage or split ends, HOWEVER, you can help prevent them by giving your hair treatments and treating it well.  I like to make the analogy that our hair is like old lace; it is beautiful and delicate and lovely, but if you just throw it around and treat it like sandpaper it will start to look like sandpaper.  Treat it well!
Healthy hair starts from the inside too; drink lots of water, at least half your weight in ounces, and eat good foods.  The healthier you are, the healthier your hair, skin, nails will be.  They need nutrition too, just like everything else in your body.
Use good products on your hair, be it SLS free shampoos, shampoo bars or no shampoo at all, find a routine that works for you and your hair type! Something that works for me will not necessarily work for you.
Be patient.
Love yourself <3


Might be switching to Wordpress

Hello all!

I know I haven't posted in a long time, but it's been super busy, so this is just an update to keep myself in the social networking loop.

I might be making the switch to Wordpress because with the new blogger interface I have since learned they are discouraging anonymity, which is one of the benefits I like about blogging; I don't connect it to my personal life and I really don't want my in-laws reading my blog and making fun of me because all I talk about is hair and silly things like that....so if I can't maintain my standard of no one I know in person knowing about my blog then I will be swapping everything over and will let you know when that happens :)

I hope that you are all doing well, and I'm hoping to be posting again here pretty soon.