I'm back!

Hello all!

I am back with a quick post, I just want to say hi and to try and get back into the habit of updating this page. My work place has been extremely busy of late with a remodel so I haven't had the time to update this and home-life is just as busy.  I have a moment to spare, so I'll take advantage of that now.

For hair geekery; I am still using the CO-method and have experienced great success with it!  I am currently past tailbone length (I consider tailbone to be the very top of my tailbone/end of spine.)  The next goal is classic:

For a complete picture journey of my hair length and progress please click here.
I am bored with my hair color though and am considering having another go at Henna.  I might just go with a cheap box color though because money wise, it costs close to 60 to do my whole head with Henna. I'm just not sure about the repercussions of a box dye because I haven't trimmed my hair in a while, so I don't know if I want to risk the extra damage on the ends.

Also, I took the last photo I took and compared it to this one with various growth points on my back.  It's nice to see the progress.  The bottom line in my goal:

With home life I bought a puppy!!! Woo!
His name is Smee:

He about three months at this point and is a terrier/(I think) Collie mix.  The breeder didn't want him because he was supposed to come out a fox and rat terrier hybrid and he popped out with his long coat, so she was trying to find a home for him and brought him to my work.  He and I clicked and the rest is sleepless nights and messy carpets history!

Not really; I'm honestly incredibly impressed with how well-behaved he is and he, thus far, has proven extremely easy to house train.  I would dare say that we are almost completely trained!  He is a little piece of fuzzy Velcro though; the dog won't leave my side.  I'm honestly fine with it since he stays with me at work and I need to know that he isn't going to run off at a moment's notice and not come back.

Work Life has consisted of remodeling for the past week; we are completely revamping the inside of our library and it's going to be much more inviting and community oriented!  We hope to be finished sometime around Thanksgiving.

There are other things in the works; I'm hoping to maybe start dabbling into the idea of starting up a business again soon.  Right now, the priority is still my husband's business though and I don't want to add too much to our plate. I may never have mentioned, but we did purchase a house last November, so we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of being home owners!  It's been a great learning journey and the house is lovely; I'm very happy to have something to settle into and I know Husband prefers to invest rather than to make rent payments on an apartment that will never be ours.

That's all for now! I'll hopefully be back soon.