.....I CUT MAH HAIR!!!!!

...okay, so I layered my hair, and the cool thing is; I did it all by myself!! Woo! Now, I have in the past tried to layer my hair and horrible, horrible things happened, but this time I did it right.  I bought myself a CreaClip!  Woo!  This super cool, albeit a little more expensive than it should be, product provides you with a level so you can cut layers into your hair without free-handing it. The best part about it was I didn't lose any length because my hair is already layered in a V-cut so it didn't need it, I just took two sections of my upper hair and layered it to add movement and body, which it absolutely has now so I'm really happy.  This is going to make my long hair journey worlds easier.

Here is the final result:

Not bad right?  Especially for doing it myself :) I did cut the shortest layer shorter than I expected it to turn out, but I think that in two weeks it will settle.  My hair has been gradually getting more and more wavy too and I'm hoping this will bring that out. But honestly I'm very please with it.

A couple more photos:

You can't see the layers so much as they are mingled into the length of my hair fairly well, but I still have waist length hair and now I have a bra strap length layer and a chin length layer.

CreaClip is a really nice tool to have if you're interested in cutting your own hair.  I would recommend it.  I haven't been getting the results I've wanted from my stylist for a while and now I know I'm capable of cutting my own hair so I think I'll be doing that from now on.

I also posted the whole cutting process on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8qVVYH28Pc


My favorite hair resources!

My Favorite Hair Resources

Homemade hair masques:
1.      The Super Shiny and Happy Hair Recipe
o   Ingredients:
§  1/8 cup coconut or olive oil
§  A brush
§  Hair tie
o   Instructions
§  Brush out the tangles in your hair and take a handful of the oil, don’t worry, if you chose coconut oil, hold it in your palm until it softens.
§  Run the oil all over your hair, even your scalp
§  Massage the oil into your scalp; this will promote circulation and it feels really good too!
§  Tie your hair up so it’s out of your face; remember to not tie it too tightly!
§  Leave the oil on for as long as you can stand it, I like to leave it on all night!
§  Wash and condition the oil out.  Do this once a week and notice a big difference in your hair!
§  You can do this with mayo too, but you will need to cover your head with a hair cap if you want to sleep with it on
§  Be patient, there is no such thing as an overnight cure for damaged hair; use this for at least a month once a week.
2.      Protein Boost Hair Recipe
o   Ingredients:
§  1 egg, beaten
§  Large spoonful of Honey
§  A small dash of olive oil or any oil that is liquid at room temperature
§  Brush
§  Towel
o   Instructions
§  In a bowl, mix the egg honey and oil together until it is nice and combined
§  Brush out the tangles in your hair and drape the towel over  your shoulders and let your hair hang over the towel
§  This part is messy, so be sure to do it over a sink or with a friends help. Start gently rubbing the egg and oil into all of your hair, including the scalp.  Try not to think of it as raw egg in your hair, instead think of it as a yummy golden, raw, goopy, snotty thing….Okay never mind…trust me it will be worth it!
§  When the egg mixture is completely mixed into your hair you can pull it up into a hair cap or let your hair rest on the towel, be aware that there might be a little bit of spillage, so don’t stand on the nice rug.
§  Watch a girlie movie – or read a book for a couple of hours
§  Watch and Condition the egg out and feel the effects of the protein working to strengthen your individual hairs!
§  Do not rinse out the egg in hot water at first; this will…well…cook the egg basically, and we all know how we hate hair in our food.  Rinse with lukewarm water first, then when you know you have all the egg out you can heat up the water.
§  Do not use this recipe more than once a month, protein is good for your hair, but too much of a good thing can always turn sour, just think of that entire bag of potato chips you ate last week, yikes.  I would recommend this about once a month.
§  Don’t worry about the honey, as long as you rinse it out, it won’t be sticky.  Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture so it will help retain softness while the egg helps maintain hair strength.  Be warned though, Honey is also a natural peroxide and while it won’t damage your hair, you might notice natural highlights beginning to form.  If you don’t want that you can up the oil in this ingredient and cut out the honey.
3.      Avocados on My Head, Avocados on My Head Recipe
o   Ingredients
§  One ripe avocado (the avocado must be mushy enough to mix into a paste
§  2 tablespoons mayo
§  Dash of olive oil
§  Brush
§  Towel
§  Hair cap
o   Instructions
§  Mash the avocado, mayo and olive oil all together in a bowl until it looks like something you would try to feed a baby….but don’t really try to feed a baby, maybe your little brother if he’s acting up, but seriously…this is hair food.
§  Brush out the tangles in your hair and apply towel if needed
§  Again, either over a sink and/or with a friend’s help mush the green goo of awesome in your head until it looks like that munchkin with the green hair in Wizard of Oz. 
§  Tie your hair up and let it sit for at least two hours.  Definitely sounds like a movie opportunity again.
§  Wash and Condition out, and you’ll feel the benefits of both the moisture from the avocado as well as the fats and proteins it provides, along with the moisturizing benefits of the oil.
4.      Super Clarifying Baking Soda Recipe
o   Ingredients
§  ½ cup of baking soda – DO NOT USE BAKING POWDER!!
§  ¼ cup of lemon juice mixed with honey
o   Instructions
§  Okay, we’ve all been there, where we have buildup from product in our hair, but we’re just not willing to put the bad ingredients from the clarifying shampoos – like charcoal – in our hair.  This is a great, natural and easy-to-make recipe that will help get rid of those nasty buildups without sacrificing our hair’s health.
§  First, you’re going to take your cup of baking soda and separate cup of lemon juice into the shower with you – don’t mix them together; you don’t want a 2nd grade volcano project manifesting itself in your tub
§  Wet down your hair and then add just enough water to your baking soda to make it look like a thick paste
§  Add this paste to your scalp and start massaging it in.  It’s okay for it to feel grainy, just massage and then gently squeeze the rest into your length.  Massage for at least five minutes
§  Let the baking soda sit in your hair while your washing the rest of your body or for at least another five minutes and then rinse thoroughly
§  Wash and Condition your hair normally
§  Then, at the very end of your shower, mix the lemon juice and honey with some warm water from your shower head and mix together until it’s combined.  Pour this mixture over your head and let sit for a few minutes or until it’s completely saturated your hair.  Rinse as normal
There is actually a bit of science to this clarifying recipe.  Our hair is happiest when its pH is balanced. The baking soda is alkaline, which forces our hair follicles to open a release all the gunk that has been holding on to it.  It’s a great way to cleanse your hair from months of buildup.  The acid in the lemon juice is what close those follicles after you’ve finished cleaning it and because your follicles are all closed up it makes your hair look really shiny.  The honey will help add moisture to your hair keeping it nice and soft. Tada! Clean, happy and pH balanced hair.

Hair Gurus to check out YouTube:
·         4ypn0tica – excellent hair tutorials for updos, from the simple to the elaborate
·         ArrowOdenn– a very nice girl who posts unique hair styles on a regular basis
·         CinthiaTruong– Easy, elegant updos for the various awesome times in your life
·         FieryPha– Pha is a hair buff with lots of knowledge and experience with long hair
·         Habioku– I love these hairstyles, they are so easy, also, check out her self-trimming video!
·         JLovesMac1– Apart from being silly and hilarious and a general beauty guru, this YouTuber is awesome because she is honest about her hair experiences, including the bad.  If you want information on extensions and the pros and cons of them this is the place to visit
·         Loepsie– one of my absolute favorite people to watch, Loepsie is so sweet and very honest about her journey, including recent hair loss caused by natural soap bars.  She gives you in the insider on whether or not natural is the way to go for your body
·         Luvableviet– This girl generally does it all, including cutting her hair and showing you exactly how
·         Torrinpaige – Another favorite, she has knee length long, THICK hair and TONS of awesome hairstyles
·         Wendyslookbook– easy and very pretty hairstyles
·         YayaLifestyle – Yaya is one of favorites because she documented her journey of growing long hair and then cut it for donation
·        PhylsGyrl – ME! Okay, well I don’t consider myself a beauty guru, but I am a hair buff and would love recommendations for what to post of my YouTube.  Also check out my blog at www.thecontagiousintrovert.blogspot.com
Favorite places to buy hair accessories:
·         www.crystalmood.com – This place has so many awesome things!! ‘Nuff said
·         http://www.giovannicosmetics.com/ - My personal favorite hair and shampoo ever.
·         http://www.wenhaircare.com/ - My mom’s personal favorite!
·         http://www.aubrey-organics.com/ - If you’re looking for some natural alternatives, this is a great place to go
·         http://www.60thstreet.net/ - This company hand carves hair combs, it’s well worth the investment
·         http://www.floandpercy.com/collections.html - Okay, these are wedding, prom, quinceanera, etc. etc. level hair accessories, but I can’t get over how pretty they are
·         http://www.etsy.com/ - I’m sure every single one of you are familiar with Etsy, but there is so much here that is so awesome!

A word on hair:
Okay, I know I’ve talked your ear off already, but I just want to share my thoughts and opinions on this subject.  I am a total hair buff.  I love hair, be it short, long, blue, orange, brown, neon green, layered, not layered, whatever.  I love it.  I think that hair is so awesome how it works scientifically and how people have used it to express themselves and to show who they are.  I’ve had super short hair and super long hair and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it because it helped show people who I am, and I encourage you to do the same.  It doesn’t matter if people think that your hair looks silly, or old fashioned or too short, too long, if you like it, if it makes you feel beautiful and confident then you are on the right track.  If you have damaged hair or you don’t like it, just be patient and take it one day at a time.  Treat your hair like old lace, delicately, and it will reward you by being healthy.  Listen to your hair too.  If your hair is unhappy, chances are it’s trying to tell you something, sometimes it means that there is an imbalance in your body or that you’re not feeding yourself right.  Your hair is a great way to tell if you are healthy on the inside both emotionally and physically.  Hair falls out when we’re stressed, when we’re not eating right or missing something nutritionally.  If you notice your hair changing, take a moment to think about what’s changed in your life.  And remember that everyone’s hair is differently, and that’s great! Experiment, and have fun!