New project: Featuring my favorite hair gurus!

Okay everyone, I am going to start something new, but before we begin, first I want to shout out to the blogger at www.ibraidhair.wordpress.com because she is the gal that inspired me to do this with my blog.

Featured readers!!  Woot!!

Okay, I know I don't have many readers (yet; happy thoughts.), but she had this brilliant idea for her blog to feature the people who read her posts.  I participated and thought "wow, what a great way to highlight the people that inspire me in my hair obssession!"

So, here we are!

I hope to be start my features here in about a week or so, and if you are a reader and are interested, you are welcome to contact me and we'll line you up, but I would also recommend - HIGHLY recommend going to Sarah's site first, because she is the one who started it and also because she is super awesome and has amazing hair and her site is wonderful.

Talk to you all soon!


Sorry, it's been busy; I haven't died

Hello all,

I won't be able to blog for a while because it's been super busy lately, so I haven't died, I'll be back! Hopefully I'll have new stuff here for you in a bit.