Changed up the hair routine

Well I did it...I went back to liquid shampoos.  And so far, I'm actually pretty glad. I went back to Giovanni shampoo and conditioner because I've been looking at my routine, and it's a lot of work!  I rinse my hair with lemon juice and honey three times a week, shampoo once a week, baking soda once a week, and conditioner every day and when you add up all the expenses and time it just gets to be a bit much.  So right now, I'm just shampooing and conditioner a couple times a week, and I'm not sure if I'm going to go back to oiling my hair or not; we'll see how it acts with the new routine. Giovanni is SLS free so I'm still not using anything too harsh on my hair and I've had really good results in the past.  So we'll see.

I've just noticed that my hair has been getting kinda greasy and unhappy and if it's not a wash day it's just not a good day.  I'm very happy with my first washing results from Giovanni (I used their 50:50 formula) and honestly, I don't care that it has 'cones in it.  My beef isn't with them, it's with the SLS.  I hope it goes well!

I still really like shampoo bars and loved the Chagrin Valley recipes, but I think with the longer my hair is getting and the fact that I like to wear it down, they just weren't doing it for me. I still recommend them to anyone with shorter and not as thick hair.

Just a quickie today.