.....I CUT MAH HAIR!!!!!

...okay, so I layered my hair, and the cool thing is; I did it all by myself!! Woo! Now, I have in the past tried to layer my hair and horrible, horrible things happened, but this time I did it right.  I bought myself a CreaClip!  Woo!  This super cool, albeit a little more expensive than it should be, product provides you with a level so you can cut layers into your hair without free-handing it. The best part about it was I didn't lose any length because my hair is already layered in a V-cut so it didn't need it, I just took two sections of my upper hair and layered it to add movement and body, which it absolutely has now so I'm really happy.  This is going to make my long hair journey worlds easier.

Here is the final result:

Not bad right?  Especially for doing it myself :) I did cut the shortest layer shorter than I expected it to turn out, but I think that in two weeks it will settle.  My hair has been gradually getting more and more wavy too and I'm hoping this will bring that out. But honestly I'm very please with it.

A couple more photos:

You can't see the layers so much as they are mingled into the length of my hair fairly well, but I still have waist length hair and now I have a bra strap length layer and a chin length layer.

CreaClip is a really nice tool to have if you're interested in cutting your own hair.  I would recommend it.  I haven't been getting the results I've wanted from my stylist for a while and now I know I'm capable of cutting my own hair so I think I'll be doing that from now on.

I also posted the whole cutting process on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8qVVYH28Pc

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