Matcha Latte

I've been looking for a coffee alternative to drink during my 3pm slump and I've decided I'm going to try Matcha, which is essentially powdered green tea.   This is my experience making it! 
Green tea 
Almond milk
Honey (optional) 

I didn't want to spend a million dollars on the actual matcha because it's really expensive, and I didn't feel like waiting to order some in bulk, so I bought a loose green tea and ground it down myself.

After grinding down my tea I put unsweetened almond milk and water - the ratio of almond milk to water is up to you and your taste preference - on the stove to heat - don't let it boil, but you want it pretty hot. 

Add the tea - 1 tsp should be plenty; anymore and it's going to taste too bitter 

Take a whisk and make this 

Do this

Once you have whisked the tea into the milk you're going to want to pour it into a cup - since my tea is not traditional matcha, I strained mine out

I added a light spoonful of honey and enjoyed!  That's all for now, this was a simple share today, but I enjoyed my cup o' matcha and hopefully it will be something you'll enjoy experimenting with. 

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