Friday Feature Fun!

Hello all,

Well it's still technically Friday - sorry this is so late in getting out; editing took a little longer than I had meant and the first time that I tried to record this my camera stopped in the middle.  Blargh.

Well!  As promised, my first installment of hair tutorials.  These following two techniques are very similar, but they "wear" throughout the day very differently.  I apply these two techniques in three different ways; a full updo, half up and a variation of the updo.

I hope you enjoy!  Next week I'm starting my series of Memoirs of a Geisha hairstyles, hope you enjoy! *UPDATE* There might also be a bonus hairstyle depending on how I feel :) I've been inspired to do something rope braid and bohemian.


  1. Awesome. I have about 20 hair stick, but I got out of the habit of using them. I need to try again.

    1. I hear ya; I don't use them near as much as I used to, and they really are very convenient little tools!