No Friday Feature for the Holidays

Hello all, just a quick post to let you know I have fallen behind slightly because of the holidays, so we will be back on track on Friday with another tutorial; I'm going to tackle Hatsumomo's updo, which after looking at it and looking at the Dance Recital updo, they are very similar, so we are going to group those into one interpretation.

And! I also want to tackle a hairstyle I saw TorrinPaige from Youtube do called the Seraphim Kiss, which is based off of the following photo. My version is going to be a little different as I interpret it differently, but I think that's the awesomeness of these tutorials; everyone will give you their version of something so you get a lot of different ideas and you can pick and choose which will work for you.

I will be doing all three of these hairstyles on my mummy, who is a longhair and has been kind enough to offer herself up as a model; after I asked because I love working with her hair and cause she's my favorite :).  So lot's of exciting hairstyles to introduce to you! I'm hoping to release these both next Friday, because on the 7th, we have a new Feature!

That's all for now, sorry again for falling behind, but I'm sure you can all relate with Turkey Day!  Have a wonderful rest of your week and I will write soon!

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