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Hello all!

I have been noticing that I'm needing to change up my hair routine just a little bit; I've been noticing a huge increase in static, which I'm sure you're tired about me lamenting, and because of that I've been oiling more heavily which means I can't go as long between washing.  I've pretty much decided that this is probably because of one of two things: either it's because I'm showering at night now or because I dyed it.

SO!  I've done a deep treatment and will continue to do so on a biweekly basis or when I have time and today I washed my hair in the morning instead of night today.  I'm hoping that this will cut out the static and maybe make it so I can stretch my washings again, but I've been thinking about that.  Why exactly am I trying to stretch my washings?  Well, I know there are some actual legitimate reasons, those being to save money since my hair products are more expensive, to keep my hair healthy and not dry, takes up less time, things like that.  But I also know that part of it is because I feel like I should be stretching them as much as possible for some unknown reason that I can't pinpoint.  Right now, I wash it, wait four days and wash it again, but this morning I washed it after only three days and as ridiculous as it sounds I feel guilty for it!  How dumb is that?! I am feeling guilty because I chose to wash my hair when it needed it.  If I hadn't I would have oiled it down, put it up and not felt very good about my hair. I chose to do something because I wanted to look good with my hair.

This is reason why I cut it last time, because I was becoming slave to my hair routine and forgetting that it was there for myself, not myself there for it.  I like obsessing over my hair, but I'm recognizing that I'm starting to get antsy and frustrated with it because I'm trying to do everything in such a particular way that I am loosing what the whole point of long hair is; as something special for myself.

So I'm going to try doing something different.  Even though I take my showers at night, I'm going to wash my hair in the mornings and I'm not going to obsess on how often; when my hair looks like it needs it, then I'll wash it.  I'm not going to freak out because I'm washing it every three days instead of every four or five or seven or one or whatever.  It's my hair that I have for myself and it's not the other way around!

I don't know if anyone else has ever dealt with these issues or not, but it would be awesome to get input.  Honestly, I know that our hair is a lot more able to deal with stuff than we give it credit for.  I know some people that can wash every single day and not have an issue; never give it special treatments or use hairspray or tease or what have you and their hair is fine.  I'm going to try and find a better balance.  My husband reminds me all the time that I'm an extremist; I'm always hot or cold, black or white, and I just can't do that anymore.

Well, that was a boring post, but I wanted to get my feelings out there; it's time to stop freaking out on something so trivial and just enjoy it for what it is.  I will still give my hair treatments and oiling, but I'm not going to obsess on the level that I have been lately.

Okay, all done!  As always, I would love input or additional thoughts if you have any or if you've found a way to not obsess haha :) Healthy hair obsessions are okay, but not when they start controlling you.

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