WEN hair care review

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Well I know it's been forever and I think it's high time for a super girly, silly hair product review.

If you at all interested in taking care of your hair then I'm you've either heard, used, seen, or been told about Wen hair care by Chaz Dean. 

Straight from the website, it reads: WEN® Cleansing Conditioner is a revolutionary new concept in hair care. A 5-in-1 formula, this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos—it is designed so it won't strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Your hair is left with sheen, moisture, manageability and better color retention.

Now, I've never been one for gimmicky products, especially when they are as ridiculously expensive as WEN is, but my mom let have one of her bottles of Sweet Almond Mint so I decided to try it.  Keep in mind this was a year ago, around this exact time actually.  I also have only used the cleansing conditioner because I don't use any other products in my hair other than the Giovanni anti frizz and natural oils for conditioning. 

Also, keep in mind that this WEN product is just someone monopolizing on an already very popular washing method; CO - or conditioner only.  The concept is that when you wash with only conditioner, many people prefer 'cone free conditioners, you will not strip your hair of its natural oils like you would with shampoo.  I have never been able to use the CO method; and my hair HATES being without 'cones, which is another topic I'll address later and I for some reason, even with using a cone free conditioner, could never get my hair to acclimate   It also tended to get really greasy and full of static at the same time, so I took it as a hint and dropped the CO method.  So this concept is not new, this company just decided to make money off of it.  And honestly, the product is a good product and if you use it sparingly, the price isn't that bad.  I've managed to make my wen bottle last about 6 months. 

The first time I used it was after using bar soaps and small amounts of conditioner at the end of my wash, so I immediately freaked out with the amount of slick I was feeling.  When I rinsed it out, however, I didn't notice any extra greasies, which was good because at first I thought that the product wasn't really going to clean it was just going to slick my hair to an oblivion.  During the wash, I actually diluted it much as I do with any conditioner; in my old shampoo bottle with water, shake and pour over my head.  When I was massaging it into my scalp per instructions, I noticed a nice clean smell and feeling; I think they put menthol or tea tree oil in their product.

After towel drying, combing was a breeze, but there was an incredible about of hair shed, which was one of the biggest online complaints.  I wasn't too worried about this because when you're using a product that doesn't have any serious cleaners in it you're going to need to massage it in and rinse well, which is going to loose a lot of already loose hair and make it come out.  I still took care to note how much I lost though, just to keep track. 

When my hair was dry, I loved it; it was soft and smooth, and just overall felt good. 

So, for the pros: 
Rich, creamy mixture
Smells good
Silky and smooth hair as result

Now the bad parts: 
I have tried using WEN as my only cleanser without any other cleanser and I found that my hair was getting oily really fast and my scalp was starting to itch.  I would not recommend this product by itself.  I have a longhair friend who uses it with her shampoo first and then uses the WEN like a deep conditioner every time she washes, so I decided to try this as well and see if that would remedy my issue. 

It did, yay! BUT, it also gave me an INCREDIBLE amount of static, which, if you know anything about me, I hate hate hate hate hate hate....did I mention I HATE static??  UGH, it was awful!  So I oiled down my hair every morning to keep it tamed.

it's also really expensive, and the problem with going through the actual WEN website is that they force you into one of those, "buy this product and unless you cancel we'll send you more and charge you more."  I just don't go through WEN that fast, so I tried talking to customer service and they wouldn't offer me an alternative.  I did discover, however, that Sephora's website sells the Sweet Almond Mint online as a one-time purchase, so I bought from them and gave them glowing reviews. 

So for the cons: 
Can potentially make your hair really staticky 
Can make scalp itch and greasy if used exclusively
You lose a lot of hair per washing

My final opinions?  I still like WEN, because when I need a deep cleaning conditioner I can use it without any shampoo once in a while, or if I need to wash my hair two days in a row (I typically only wash it every 3 or 4 days) this is a great way to clean without stripping your oils.  However, as much as I thought I would like using this product regularly, I'm just much more happy with my Giovanni products; they keep my hair clean without drying it out and I have NEVER, ever experienced static while using it. 

If you have the money, I would recommend getting a bottle as a nice deep cleaner without having to oil the night before, but it's not a product that I think one couldn't live without.  There are many, cheaper and nice conditioners out there than can be used instead. 

Okay, all done, but as a bonus, I curlformed my hair again and dressed up 1940s style for a work program, but I thought I would share my hair results with you, since they looked pretty good: 
I put this one in a black and white format because you couldn't tell my hair from my sweater.

Candid photo of me putting on lipgloss...lovely.  At any rate, even though I'm bent forward a bit, this gives you a good idea of the length when it's curled and the red.  Oh! I died my hair red again; I'll post about that later on.

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