The pros and cons of 'cones

I decided to write about my opinion concerning silicone in today's conditioner.  Most commercial conditioners, and even some of the less well known conditioners have a product in it that ends in "cone".  This means it is a silicone of some kind. Today's conditioners use this 'cone' product to help give your hair slip.  It also boasts to help hide splits and damage.

There are basically two different schools of thought concerning silicones in hair products; you are either okay with them, or you are against them.  There are some people that fall in the middle, but for the most part hair people tend to lean one way or another.

I am part of the former group.  I am completely, 100% in favor of silicones for my hair.  I think this is the biggest issue we run into.  So many people are either one way or the other because it works for their hair, but they forget to take into consideration that their hair care will most likely (note, I'm saying most likely, not even possibly, or perhaps) not work for another person.  That's because each of us are so unique and different is too many ways to count that we couldn't possibly assume that a regime that has been formulated specifically for one individual could work for another.  It just doesn't go that way.

For example, my sister with beautiful, thick, black, wavy hair (think this - I'm not kidding....*jealous*) and she washes her hair everyday, uses heat, brushes, hairspray, SLS shampoos, cone conditioners and I can't find a single split in her hair.  BUT a women with delicate, long curly hair would probably have a heart attack if she were to try using those methods I stated above.  Now, granted, there are many things that will work for a person, like oiling hair, but to be fair let's just assume from now on, in this post, I'm talking about my personal hair needs only.

I have tried to go without cones, I tried using the shampoo bars with aloe gel, vinegar, honey, other humectant like products and I even tried a cone free Giovanni conditioner and I just couldn't get past the static, and the constant tangling.  I just couldn't deal with it.  So I had to switch back.  Honestly, I could probably go back to an SLS shampoo too and be fine, but knowing how sensitive the rest of my body is to it, I've voted to never try it again.

Having been both cone full and cone free, I've decided to write out a pros and cons list based off my experience.

Pros to cone free:
More natural approach
Doesn't "hide" your hair behind product
Doesn't build up on your scalp as quickly
Allows you see more damage for Search and Destroying (also known as dusting, which is just putting your ends up against a light and trimming the splits off to help maintain healthy hair.)
If you're using the CO method you won't need to clarify as often

Cons to cone free:
Hair will not have as much slip, so it will tangle more easily
Hard to find a product without cones that isn't expensive (I know there are some cheaper products out there like Vo5, but I don't like it.)
Less shine

These are just the main things that I've noticed.  Honestly, I've never viewed cones like I have SLS; I haven't really found a whole lot on them that could cause me a huge harm.  That is just my opinion though, and I know a lot of people have found that a cone free lifestyle is absolutely best for them.

I follow a youtube guru called "torrinpaige"  and she has a post on using cones in her hair and she and I share much of the same opinion.

On the other hand, if you visit "loepsie" she is cone free and has very lovely hair as well.

It just depends on your hair and who you are.  I like cones, I live in a dry climate and they work well for me, but it all depends on you and your hair!

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