Homemade hair masque: Avocado banana

Hello all,

Well I have been dealing with a huge amount of static lately and I know some of it was due to the fact that I broke down and used a box dye and another part was that the WEN that I was using just isn't a good regular use product for me, but I wasn't able to get rid of it entirely.  I decided to try a hair masque that I made me for mom last week to see if it would help.                                                            

Avocado Banana Hair Masque
1 Avocado
1 Banana
2 Big spoonfuls of honey
1 Spoonful of mayo or plain yogurt
Drizzle of olive oil

I put all of these ingredients in a food processor and blended it until it was yogurt consistency.  Then, I applied it to my hair which I had oiled earlier in the day.  It actually felt really really good going on!  Once I got it all mushed up on my head as best as I could get it and pushed it in my hair, I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and put a towel over that and let it sit for almost an hour.

Washing it out was a bit tricky; there were small bits of either avocado or banana that didn't get blended (they were dandruff size) and those wouldn't rinse out very well, but I did the best I could and shampooed and conditioned as normal.   I towel dried it, combed, applied my anti frizz and then flung over my pillow and went to bed.

I really, really like how my hair feels today; it's really soft and has body and is very shiny, but like everything out there there were a few cons: I couldn't get those itty bitty pieces out of my hair so I had to wait until it was dry and shake them loose; otherwise it would have looked like I had dandruff.  Next time, I will dunk my entire head in a bin full of water before I start my normal rinsing/washing process.  The only other con I found was that after a while you got the old banana smell while it was on your head, but when I rinsed it off it was fine.

Also be aware that if you do this treatment you are getting protein from almost everything in the masque so your hair will feel not as malleable.  This will go away once it's dry, just use caution while you're combing your hair out, and rinse rinse rinse otherwise you'll have avocado bits in your hair.

There you have it!  I will keep you updated as to whether this got rid of the static.


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