Honey and Oil Hair Treatment

I always oil my hair or do some sort of treatment before I wash it and I thought I would share one of the hair treatments I use that's very simple, easy and effective. 

Hot oil and Honey Hair Treatment 
First, you will need honey and an oil - is this instance I use pure, unrefined coconut, but you can use any hair oil that you prefer.

Combine the honey and oil in a bowl

You'll need to heat the oil - I just microwaved it, but you can double boil it too.  (I also microwaved my honey which will kill some of its peroxide properties which have been known to lighten hair.  I don't mind the lightening, I just prefer to have it more liquid than solid when I'm applying to my hair.) 

Comb your hair

And be a goof 

'Cause it's fun being a goof 

Next, apply the oil to your hair.  If it's during the cold season, wrap your hair in a hot towel to help the oil absorb more.  Keep in mind, you will have honey in your hair so it will be sticky - do not wrap the towel tightly or it will adhere and use one that needs to be washed. 

You should leave the oil in your hair for at least a half an hour.  Take the opportunity to indulge 

Or to take photos of your fish 

And you're done!  Take a shower and wash and condition your hair per normal.  The coconut is a great oil to absorb into your hair and the honey is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture.  If you are going to keep the oil in your hair overnight, I would recommend foregoing the honey because it will get messy.  

I find that in the summer months it's easier to use coconut oil because it stays solid when it's cool out and that makes it harder to apply to your hair, but I have found it to be the best oil.  I'll use olive oil as well, but it doesn't seem to absorb into my hair as well. 

I hope you like, and I'll be sure to post more hair masques and all that jazz. 

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