Beautiful lengths photo a day, day 7

Okay, well here I'm going to break the cycle here and not post a photo.  Why?  Because regardless of the times I've had good hair days it's never occurred to me take a photo because someday I might be doing a photo a day project that asked to post a photo of my best hair moment.  In fact, I can't even really think of one.

One might automatically go back to their wedding, but I wasn't happy with my wedding hair because it was way too short and I was in the process of growing it out.  It's not that I didn't like it, it's just not what I would consider a best hair moment.  It served its purpose.

I honestly can't think of a one great hair moment.  Really, it's more a matter of confidence.  My hair has gotten a little bit wild in these past few months and I absolutely love it - I don't use a lot of product; I make sure it has the right nutrients, it's the one part about myself that I have absolutely no self doubts about, so any day with my hair is a good hair day.  When I didn't have a decent routine down there were definitely good and bad days, but lately they've all been very good.

Another key I think is not trying to force your hair to do something it doesn't want to do.  And example would be this morning; I tried leaving it down and that just wasn't gelling, so I tried a half ponytail and again, not happening.  I settled on just pulling back the very top of my hair with bobby pins and it looks fine.   If you don't try to make your hair do something it doesn't want to do and if you maintain confidence you're sure to have a good day.  Also, if you take care of your hair and don't subject it to heat, dyes or bleaches on a regular basis it will pay off in the long run.  So many people lament their hair, but they keep doing the same things that will kill it over and over and then they want to know what they did wrong.  Well, you exposed a very delicate part of your body to 300+ degree heat, stripped it's color with a chemical, forced colored chemicals back into it, you strip the oils everyday with shampoo and don't deep condition - I think those things are probably what you did wrong. Just sayin'.

So there's my mini soapbox moment for the day. We will resume the photo a day project on Monday - tomorrow, my featured reader is my Mom! Woot!

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