Beautiful lengths photo a day, day 8

Welcome back, everyone! I hope that you had an excellent weekend.  Okidokies, time for more silliness and beauty stuff with my photo a day, day 8: favorite hair accesory!


Um....except, I'm going to post a lot more than just a few photos because I have a ton of accesories, and honestly I don't have a favorite.  I really don't wear a lot of hair jewelry, I just tend to hoard them and look at them when no one is around.  Kind of like Gollum....*enter bad impression of Gollum saying "my precious...."

Okidokies.  Also, for those of you who are familiar with my youtube channel, check it out in the next few days, I'm going to be sharing some new stuff.  I've decided to start actually recording my piano playings and will be posting a couple of those in the new future.  I don't have a great quality camera or setup right now, and my piano is very, very old and has seen a lot so it has some creaks and groans every once in a while.  You'll have to bear with it until I can find a better alternative.

So, I'm going to just give you a quick tour of my treasure lol.

Here are the hats - I used to be a big fan of swing and blues dancing and you can't be a dancer without a decent fedora, so I decided to get several just to be on the safe side.
For those of you who love hats, fedoras in particular, I got all of these, save the two black, at target; they have an awesome selection.  The first black fedora I got at Walmart and the second at Spencer's - though they no longer have the decent selection that they used to.

Moving on to my sparklies, I have a lot - be warned.
Headbands that I very rarely wear.  The first bead thing is technically a bracelet, but I like it better as a band.

These are all barrette like things; the butterfly is also not an actual hair toy and it's a new piece, but I plan on using for something hair related.

Again, sparklies I don't use a whole lot.

These are special because I wore them at my wedding.

These are my flowers; I have a blue flower that didn't make it onto the page because it's somewhere in the back of my car waiting to be rescued.

After that, it's on to hairsticks!! Woot woot! - Here is what I have in "wood".  You'll notice one pair of the white sticks look like they have been taped in the center and that is because they met an untimely death months ago, but they are my favorite still because Husband got them for me; I just can't wear them anymore.

These are all my metal hair sticks; sorry about the photo quality - my flash was on auto and I didn't have time to redo it.

My dragonfly - and a couple of random ones I didn't know I had.

And last but not least, my sparkly hairsticks!

Whew! I think that's it.  So, not really what the project asked for, but since I couldn't think of one, I hope this will do.

Thanks, and stay tuned for day 9: straight hair

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