Friday Feature Fun!

Miss Ida is a Youtuber that I have been following for a couple years now; I love her hairstyles because of the uniqueness of them and how easy she makes them look!  Here's some fun info about our Friday Feature:

Name: Ida 

Hair character/type: Straight, fine, plentiful.

Natural hair color: Some sort of blonde. Seems that I get lighter over the years.

Starting length (if growing): Shoulders.

Current length:  Almost knee length.

Are you currently growing your length or maintaining?  If growing, how long have you been growing your hair?  If maintaining, what is it about your current length that makes you happy?: I will grow until knee length, then I will maintain for a while to see if I can get my hemline to thicken up a bit. I have not maintained since I started growing about 10 years ago.

As a fellow hairaholic I find it very interesting to hear what exactly about hair it is that others find fascinating.  What started your interest/obsession with hair?: I just decided that I wanted to try long hair again. I had reasonably long hair for a while as a little girl, but after a period of about 10 years with shorter hair in all kinds of cuts and colors, I wanted to try something new.

As with any hobby, there is always something that irks us just a little bit. What are some of your frustrations/pet peeves as a person with a hair hobby, be your hair long or short? (i.e. nasty comments, getting stuck in doors, hard to take care of, styling, etc.etc.): I can't really think of anything that is frustrating or such about wearing long hair. I wear my hair up 99% the time. Oh, one thing - all the loose hairs over my apartment that gets stuck EVERYWHERE - you really need to vacuum a lot more often! And that hair-getting-stuck-between-the-buttocks-thing. I recommend all long hairs to invest in a hair trap for the shower drain, it will really make a difference when it comes to the interval of shower drain cleaning you need to do.....

If money, damage, social stigma, etc. where not a factor, what is the one thing you would love to to try out?: Dreads for a night. Dip dye, however I plan to try this out sometime I'm already scheduled for a trim.

What do you love about your hair: The color. The silkiness. The shine.

What do you hate about your hair: The silkiness. Makes it hard to keep it up. The new growth that makes a shaggy halo after a couple of hours.

What’s something you like to do as a “treat” to your hair?: Hennaing the roots and my yearly trim. Just because my hair dresser LOVES my hair and I really like the scalp massages she provides.

What are your favorite products?/What are you currently using?: Ehm. I have about 10 different conditioners in my shower (junkie!) But my hair is not particularly fond of anything special at the moment. Most conditioners work and I do not use more then shampoo + conditioner at the moment. It seems that my hair is very undamaged and will balk severely if I try to put more in it.

What’s your hair care routine? (In a nutshell; I know most of us have pretty extensive hair care regimes): Evening, non-wash night: Take it down, comb it, spritz plain water on it, comb it, put up in sleep bun (damp bunning, love it). Evening wash night: Take it down, comb it, wash it, put in towel to dry for 20 min, comb it, let air dry for 5 min, put it up in sleep bun. Morning: Take it down, comb it, put it up in an updo. Every month: Henna roots. 

Many of us have one thing that we will never, ever do to our hair no matter what (i.e., bleach, curl, straighten, color) what is that one thing for you?: I don't consider curling it due to the sheer time and that my hair don't hold curls well.

If you have a favorite hairstyle, what is it?: BIG BUNS!

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received regarding taking care of hair?: Put it up and forget about it. Really, it works. Second would be: Try one new thing at the time. It is really hard to pin point successes or failures otherwise.

Links to your blog/youtube/website: http://www.youtube.com/user/4ypn0tica


  1. Beautiful hair! I wish mine was lighter so the henna would make it redder.

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? I love her hair :)