Beautiful lengths photo a day, day 2

Hello all!

Okay, it's time for my photo a day project! Day 2 is Celeb hair you love. Now, before we start this off, I'm going to start by saying there is no celebrity that I like enough to put on this blog.  Regardless of their awesome, salon perfected, product impregnated hair.  BUT in an effort to keep in the spirit of the photo a day I settled on someone I didn't know anything about, which is good because then I can admire their hair without feeling conflicted about their personalities. 

Lara Lieto is a model that I know absolutely nothing about, but she has really really pretty long hair: 
This is about the length that I'm hoping for.  I know that a lot of people wouldn't like how crazy it looks, but I personally love the wildness of it.  I also love the fact that there aren't really any noticeable layers; she's managed to, in a world of upkeep and specific looks, take a very traditional hairstyle and make it look absolutely stunning.

Stay tuned for day 3: Hair flashback, which should be pretty funny.

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