In an effort to get back into blogging after the holidays

Hello all!

Yes, I know, I bombed on yet another Friday Feature, but it's been busy, so I'm going to use that as an excuse for as long as I can.

I've also decided that, because I don't want to get into the habit of making excuses for my Friday Features, I'm going to start a major blogging project.

I read Hair Romance which is really fun hair blog that has a lot of cool ideas, and looking through her old posts and came across this lovely gem.  It's a 30 day, photo a day challenge that I think would be a great way to get myself back into the groove of posting more often.  I can't promise that I'm going to do all of them, like take a stranger's photo, but I'll do something similar:

*UPDATE* Since a lot of these are becoming somewhat redundant; I'm going to revamp the rest of my photos to suit my blog a little better.

  1. Hair self portrait
  2. Celeb hair you love 
  3. Hair flashback 
  4. Going out hair 
  5. Hair you adore 
  6. Your hair-do today 
  7. Best hair moment 
  8. Your fave hair accessory 
  9. Straight hair 
  10. Long hair 
  11. Dream hair 
  12. You mom's hair 
  13. Weekend hair 
  14. Stranger's hair - Probably changed to a coworkers hair
  15. Favorite short 'do 
  16. Curly hair 
  17. Hair Swissssshhh
  18. Worst hair moment 
  19. Straight of out the shower hair 
  20. Your hair as a child 
  21. Friend's hair 
  22. Hair product you used today 
  23. Bed head 
  24. You hair at 8pm 
  25. Hair don't (hair you really don't like) 
  26. Flashback: your hair as a teen 
  27. Where you did your hair today 
  28. Daily hair routine 
  29. Work/school hair 
  30. Donated hair - I don't have any photos of my hair the times that I've donated it, so I probably won't do anything like that, not sure what I'll change it to yet
So without further ado, day 1: hair self portrait: 
My hair is now officially down to my hips; the ends are red from henna as it gradually goes back my natural brown as you move up the length.

The waves are natural, my hair can't make up it's mind; it goes from stick straight to wavy to stick straight again. Go figure. 

Tomorrow: My favorite celebrity hair! 

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