There is hope for humanity Day 3: the quiet place project

How many of us can remember a time when we experience true silence?  Where our minds weren't talking, our fingers weren't tapping away at one technology device or another, we couldn't hear the cars or the airplanes or talking on any level.  It was silent, and we were, for once, listening to that silence.  I think that we've all lost, on some level, the ability to listen to the silence and understand what it really means.  I know that even when I'm trying to focus on nothing and pay attention to quiet and to calm my mind, my brain is still running at a million miles an hour and trying desperately to create some sort of white noise.  I thrive on it.

The quiet place project is here to help us achieve that silent time again.  This awesome little site offers several different ways of helping you connect with that lost concept of quiet meditation.  The first part being the general experience and explanation of why you should choose the quiet place.  After that you have the opportunity to experience relaxation techniques and after that, my personal favorite, the thoughts room.  The thoughts room is wonderful; you are encouraged to share every single thought that you have that's weighing you down and watch as the words simply fall off the screen and away from your heart and mind.  There's no one who can read what you've typed, can't respond, can't do anything.  It is all for the benefit of you getting them off your chest and out of your brain.

The quiet place also offers soothing music to listen to while you're experiencing the site, and I know that is some way that might be defeating the purpose, but honestly I would rather not let my mind's internal speakers go haywire without noise.  Instead, I think the music is a great way to slowly acclimate yourself to becoming accustomed to lack of outside noise and speech.

Give this website a try, sometimes I use it just as a way to relax a little at work, but mostly it's a reminder to me that it's so important that we just take a break from the world and sit back and enjoy the quiet.  I think that, for me personally, when I don't take that time to be in the quiet, I lose my ability to really focus on prayer and God and meditating on His Word.  I've become so bombarded by the noise and so distracted by all the difference stimuli that I can't focus spiritually as easily as I used to.

Well this ends this week's worth of "Hope for humanity" series.  I will start up again on Monday and I wish you all a great weekend!

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