There is hope for humanity day 2: Talia Joy

Day 2 is here!

I'm sure you all have already read the news and have now heard about the amazing little Talia Joy, but I want to take a moment and spread the word about this girl.

Talia is a 12 year old firecracker who was diagnosed with cancer about 5 years ago (neuroblastoma). Not going for the wigs thing, she has decided that makeup is her wig and is aspiring to become a makeup artist.  Let me tell you, that girl has talent too; her website, Angels for Talia - has her vlog and videos on it, where she updates you with her newest hauls, makeup tutorials and information concerning her illness.

Her mom says that "she has made being bald beautiful" and I absolutely agree; her spunk for life and grace and patience with her battles has turned this girl into a woman that I would love to grow up to be like someday.  In her latest blog, Talia revealed that she has been diagnosed with pre-leukemia in her bone marrow.  She isn't sure if she's going to go through treatment for it, because there isn't a real surefire way to attack both the cancers, or either one right now, in her case.

The fact that this girl can honestly say that she is okay with only living for two months to a year if she isn't going to go through treatment or if it isn't successful shows a huge amount of self-control and maturity; she has said that having the cancer in her life has been "an amazing yet horrible journey" and that she is tired of doing stuff to her body.  Who wouldn't?  But the fact still remains that she has managed to make this journey something that will be remembered by thousands of people.

Her spirit and good attitude is affecting people that aren't dealing with the same issues and I have a feeling that it's the people like her that are going to be pivotal in our wake up call to be grateful for what we have to help share that with others.  I pray that Talia grows healthy and strong and will live to see her dream of becoming a makeup artist come true.  Her happiness is uplifting to my life and I hope that it will be for you too.

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