Blurgh, I need a routine

Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and holiday season! May the food angels watch over you as you create new and unique recipes from leftovers :D

I had my first Christmas dinner at my house this year; my in-laws came over, and my mummy and brother and sisters and step-dad, and my Grandma stopped by with a friend and it was all over a lovely time, but I have. So. Much. Ham. Leftover. Lol!  Luckily I'll be able to pull out all the ham recipes I never use, because this is the only time of year that my husband and I eat it. so we'll see how that goes :)

I've noticed something horrible.  I'm so upset...DANDRUFF!! ARRRGGGGHHH.  I haven't dealt with dandruff in like...ten years.  So I'm really frustrated, but I think I know what's causing it.  I've been using the Wen cleansing conditioner a little more than usual because it's easy and I've been short on time and also my hair has been up for two weeks in a row basically because it's been really cold at work - they are working on our heater, and I don't like wearing my hair down over my six layers of clothing so the combing of the hair back all the time, and the Wen I think are the culprits.  I'm going to try and get back into a routine here now that it's slowing down a little and honestly it's not too bad, just disheartening.  I hadn't changed up my routine in years so when I made the switch to solid shampoo bars, it really messed with my hair ecosystem, but I'm still very happy I did it.  I am going to try a different, cheaper conditioner because I'm going through the giovanni stuff really fast.  I might keep it around to use it on days that I wash and then maybe use their regular conditioner for other days.  We'll see. I've also stopped oiling regularly because I'm not using a shampoo that can get it all out, but I might lightly oil my scalp and length tonight before washing or at least do a honey, egg, and avocado treatment to see if that helps.   It's interesting, I honestly don't do near as much for my hair as I used to when I using a detergent based shampoo, but now that I'm using the chagrin bars, I haven't really felt that urgent desire to either.  And my hair is happy, so I must be doing something right.

I've also decided that I've officially made "long hair" stage.  I hit waist length a month ago and now I'm starting to get past it with the ends of my layers, but even though I've been with waist length hair, it's now starting to feel really long because I'm finding that it's getting caught in things more, I have to start learning to move with long hair again, and I almost freaking burned it all off the other day over the stove when I was making popcorn.  It was HORRIBLE.  I leaned over to pour my popcorn in a measuring cup and was like, "what's that smell"? I looked down and saw my hair against the burner and oh my goodness my stomach dropped to the floor I was so scared.  I ran into the bathroom going, "no no no no no no no no no no no" (Poor husband, he went in to make sure I was okay and held me when I almost started crying), but so far I can't really tell where I singed it; I could when it first happened, but nothing too bad or noticeable to anyone who wasn't there, and I've conditioned it since and I can't tell now.  I'm angry at myself for having been so careless, but I guess it was God's way of telling me to be extra careful from here on out.

I've also started sleeping with my hair down at night, which I know longhairs out there are probably gasping and going "NO!!!" hearing that, but interestingly enough, I've experienced less in the way of tangling in the mornings, and my hair is easier to manage in the shower, which is nice.  I'm not noticing an increase in splits, and maybe just a few breaks here and there, but I'm getting more of those, because my hair as been up for so long - it needs a break.  I'm going to wait until February or March of next year and then I'll trim my hair and shape it up, but until then I don't feel like losing any of the length.

Well...is that enough silly, shallow, hair stuff to make you urp yet?

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