30 Day music Challenge Part 2!

Okidokies everyone, here is the finished list of my 30 day Music Challenge: 

DAY 21: A song that makes you want to break things - " Baby Baby " by Justin Beiber.  I'm sorry if you are a Belieber, but I can't stand this kid.  

DAY 23: A song that you haven't heard in YEARS - " Bye bye bye " by Nsync.  There is a reason we have not heard this song in years. 

DAY 24: Best song to break up to - " Apologize " by One Republic with Timbaland.  I know this is cliche song, and honestly I don't agree with it.  I don't think one should ever be predisposed to never accept a heartfelt apology, but I completely understand where, being in a breakup, this is how one would feel.  I've been there, done that, I've been betrayed to the point where I could never - and I still struggle with this - accept ones apology.  

DAY 25: A song that illustrates your overall outlook on life - " How the day sounds " by Greg laswell. 
Words cannot describe how much I adore and love this song and the music video.  And this song very much depicts my overall outlook on life.

DAY 26: A song that you enjoy whose lyrics are in a different language - " Inner Universe " by Yoko Kanno - I'm very much a fan of Yoko Kanno and this song for me really illustrates the talent this composer has.

DAY 27: A song for when you just don't want to think about anything - "The way I are " by Timbaland - to be honest I didn't really have a song for this one, but since I like to listen to this piece really loud when I'm just vegging it seemed appropriate.

DAY 28: A song that is loved by people close to you, but not by you - " Yellow Submarine " by the Beatles - my dad and brother love this group, and I used to be a big fan too, but I kinda got burnt out.  Especially on this song. That being said, my next choice: 

DAY 29: A song that has an awesome bass-line - "Come together" by The Beatles - this is my favorite Beatles song and I just like this song in general.

DAY 30: A song that helped you pull through something difficult - " Things left unsaid " by Disciple in Loving Memory of Allison Miller; I miss you my dearest friend ♥

Okay! Well, that concludes my 30 Day music challenge, thanks for listening; ready; watching, all that fun stuff and I will post later on! 

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