Okay, so I'm realizing that this blog is so girly it's insane...oh well.

For all of you out there, I'm not really this obsessed with all things girly and hair and makeup and nails and stuff; I just happen to have some free time on my hands in the morning before I go to work so I've been experimenting. (Okay, I really am obsessed with healthy hair).

My nails are really icky; they have lines in them and they crack and they look dry and they turn blue, so I've been covering them with a clear top coat of late, but then decided to get experimental (It all started when I saw a coworker with the glue on tips and I decided I wanted my nails to look like that), so I'm going to post my attempts at having awesome nails.  I don't have the colors that I used handy; I'm a Walmart kinda person when it comes to this type of thing.  These are all done freehand, and it's very obvious especially since I've never done anything with my nails other than a straight color.

Okay, so this was my first attempt EVER.  I tipped the nails with a teal color and then one coat of clear top coat.

I was not as pleased with this attempt; the red flaked off the tips way too easily and it just looked a little messy.  You can't really see here, but I used a gold coat, then red tips with a clear top coat.
I'm pretty happy with the results of this one - which I did this morning - yikes my nails are long!! Don't like.  (A little bit of background: I never did my nails, because I'm a pianist, so cut our nails really short to prevent them catching in between the keys, clacking, and it slows you down too.  Same with typing.  And I type about 90-100wpm, so yeah.  I've since learned that I can get away with about 3mm of length, but obviously these are longer than that.  I enjoy really long nails for about two days...and then they start snagging and ripping and catching and all sorts of icky, so I chomp them off.)  AT ANY RATE; I painted "chevron" like tips with a gold color and then applied two coats of clear coat.  And that's it.  I'm pretty happy with these because I didn't have to be as exact with the tips and it was easier to work with when I used my left hand. 

Well there we go, I will post more as I experiment more.  I haven't bought any more soap bars, but I'm almost out of my current stash, so I will probably make a purchase here in the next week or so. 


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