30 Day Music Challenge Part 1

NOTE: I can't figure out why my wording is all highlighted; you'll have to forgive me.

I'm sure all of you Facebook users have seen the 30 day music challenge circulating around and have participated, and I thought I would compile all of my choices here to share with everyone.  Enjoy! 

DAY 1: A song that makes you want to drive FAST - "Animals" by Nickleback.  I think this one really doesn't need any explanation 

DAY 2: A song from an album you can listen to all the way through - "Damaged (extended version)" from Plumb's album "Chaotic resolve".  This song really speaks to me on a number of levels and I absolutely love the album and listen to it often.

DAY 3: A song from an artist that isn't really your thing, but that you can respect - "Living my life" by Los Lonely Boys.  I use to be really into Los Lonely Boys, but anymore if I hear "Heaven"'s opening notes I kinda go crazy.  I think too much of a good thing.

DAY 4: A song for gettin' busy! - "All I ever wanted" by Basshunter.  I will admit, this wasn't my first choice, my first choice would be anything off of David Crowder's "Sunsets and sushi" album, but I couldn't find a video for that one.

DAY 5: Your favorite song from a movie soundtrack - “All love can be” with Charlotte Church.  I couldn't find a decent recording, but the "Main Theme" from the same movie is almost better in my opinion.

6: A great LIVE performance of a song - "Master of puppets (S&M)" Metallica Live S&M 1999.  What can I say? I love me some Metallica. 

DAY 7: A song that is the very DEFINITION of what a great song is - "Lifeline" by Imogen Heap.  Okay, I have to rant and rave about this woman; she is my hero instrumentally, and vocally.  She is so innovative and amazing and how she brings her songs together is simply wonderful.  This is the one artist in the world that I can't complain about in any way at all.  She is my #1 favorite.

DAY 8: The perfect song for chilling out - "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash.  Haha this girl is just an awesome artist; and I love how she sings.  It's raw and honest. I also love "Mouthwash". 

DAY 9: A song from an artist you would LOVE to see in concert - "All I need (Say)" by One Republic.  I love the message behind this song.  We worry so much in our lives and this just reminds me that in the end, it's going to work out.  You don't need all this stuff, you don't need to rely on temporal treasures.  

DAY 10: A song that reminds you of back in the day - "Macarena" by Los del Rio.  Oh bother.  I hate that I just put this in here, but who reading this has not, at some point in their young life, danced to this song at a wedding, dance, school function, etc. etc.?  It reminds me of a much less worrisome time in life.

DAY 11: A song that sounds much older than it is - "Stray cat strut" by Brian Setzer.  Love this dude, and he is SO much fun to watch live! His hair....

Day 12: a great COVER of a song (by a different artist): "Turn the page" by Metallica.  I will admit, I don't really like it when artists do covers, but I felt that Metallica really did a great job. 

DAY 13: A good song with not-so-good memories attached to it - "Cry me a river" by Diana Krall.  Arrrggghhh I hated this one, because I love this song so much, but I hate the memories. It was also very much a tie between this song and "I'd be lying" by Greg Laswell.  Again, EXCELLENT song.  Memories attached to it? Not so much.

DAY 14: A song which has lyrics you absolutely agree with - "Hossana" by Jason Morant.  I chose this one for a number of reasons.  One, I connect with music deeply and on a level that doesn't necessarily require lyrics. I "agreed", if you will, with every part of this song musically.  Two, even though the song didn't necessarily "proclaim" something in the sense that Jason was attempting to convey a point.  It seems to me that he is more observing and simply bringing a message of that which is....if that makes sense...

DAY 15: A song to honor someone who is gone - "El Paso" by Marty Robbins.  I'm not going to lie, I almost started crying when I was listening to this song, which I chose in memory of my Grandfather, Antonio Ruiz.  Marty looks a LOT like how my Grandma looked too. Love you, Grandpa.

DAY 16: Best song to wake up to - "Invader Zim opening theme song" - by Kevin Manthe.  I am ADDICTED to Invader Zim and everything about Invader Zim and let me just say that I feel like conquering the world when I wake up to this song.  I also recommend the "End credits".

DAY 17: A song from an artist who you feel is seriously underrated - "The benedy glen" by Déanta.  Now I would have originally put down Imogen Heap for this section, but as her new album is being released, more and more people are realizing how amazing this person really is, so I went for something different.  I don't listen to a lot of Deanta, but I love her voice and I love that someone is carrying on the tradition of traditional folk music, especially traditional Irish traditional.

DAY 18: A song that makes you wish you could play an instrument THAT well - "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" by Liszt as performed by Jung Lin.  The reason why I chose Jung Lin's performance over others was the unique way she chose to present Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody.  The abrupt, yet very well timed, way she interprets the music is very different than how you would normally hear this piece played.

DAY 19: The first song you can remember loving - "Dive" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I remember this song well.  My dad gave me this CD that he found and it was the first time I had heard contempory music of any sorts.  Before then I was traditional folk songs and oldies rock.  I was hooked immediately and loved it.  I still love Steven Curtis Chapman's music, though I have moved onto different genres. 

DAY 20: A song you loved the very first time you heard it - "Goin' gone" by Nanci Griffith.  My mummy raised me on Nanci Griffith and I still love this lady so very much.  I also recommend "Love at the five and dime"

Okay, well this is my Part 1, I will be back with the following ten song choices in about ten days :)

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