In a slump

Hello lovely people,

Well...I'm SO tired...and frustrated! I've been trying to upload a video onto youtube because I really want to start doing video tutorials for hairstyles, hair care and organic beauty "stuff", but my camera keeps cutting my videos off near the end.  I guess the number of photos I have stored up in a particular program affects the number of minutes I can record.  I'm hoping this will be a very short and temporary setback because I really, really want to get going on this.  I have lots of ideas I want to share with you all!

Other than that, not a whole lot is happening.  I've decided to start a semi-different wash routine because I want to save money on the shampoo bars, and because I want to see if my new routine will allow me to wash with shampoo less, but still keep in control of the greasies.  Last week was my first try and so far it seems to be working well.  I'll let you know more as I experiment more.

I just figured I would write you a quick post so that I stay on top of writing and I'm kinda tired of looking at my last post :P,  I also want to post a video showing you some decent pictures of my hair how it is now.  Honestly I'm a little disheartened because last time I took a photo of my hair wet I could really see extra layers on the left side of my hair; it looked like someone started to cut a "v" point but forgot to do the right side.  I had my husband look at it and he said when he combed it out it looked fine and he could only see a little bit of uneveness, which is fine for me, but he did notice that my spine doesn't sit straight either so he thinks that is playing a part as well.  I think several things are to blame:

1. My spine was very crooked and out of whack the last several times (seriously it looks like, when I'm standing straight, that my right hip is three inches higher than my left, or rather it did.  It's starting to mellow out.) and when my hairdresser trimmed my hair, she had me sit down on a stool, so I'm wondering if I was sitting crookedly then she might have cut accordingly without realizing it.  (I'm not blaming her, I LOVE my hairdresser)
2. When I freaking SINGED my hair it was on the left side and I'm thinking it definitely put in some more layers :P lovely
3. I did shape up the bottom most layer of my hair and put more of a "V" into it...I'm not sure if this caused the extra layers on the left side, I tried to keep it as even as possible and the extra "layers" so to speak are higher up where I didn't dare tread with scissors...so I think it may have played a small part.  I think all three of these things played a small part which just all added up.  I look through all my photos and noticed that my left side has always had more layers than my right side, so it might just be a growth thing too.

Who knows!  I'm just going to keep growing and I might go my hair stylist to trim it, but I'm really hoping to start doing that myself because I don't want to go in and have them use the shampoos that I've worked so hard to get off of.  I also think that it would be easier because I can better maintain it myself that way.

Okidokies, I'll stop blabbering and hopefully I'll be able to post a video on youtube tomorrow; I will try my best to record before I go to work in the morning.


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