Just an Update

Well hello everybody!

I'm trying to find decent light in my very light-absent apartment and I just don't think it's going to happen at night.  But on the plus side we do move in a little bit, so I will hopefully be able to work with the lighting there so you aren't subjected to crappy vids.

I'm also fast realizing that I think for right now I'm going to be focusing on talking about my hair journey as I am still in transition with the shampoo bars.  Right now I'm using Chagrin Valley Natural Soaps "Butter Bar Conditioner" because it is super moisturizing and living in the dry climate that I do, the more moisture the better.  I'm also trying to not use as much coconut oil in my "oilings" because the whole point of this is to cut down on cut and work up efficiency.

So far I'm really pleased with the soap...my biggest problem however, and it is a big one to me because it drives me up the wall, is static.  I can't get rid of the blooming static!  I'm sure there are a number of things it could be causing, i.e. the fact I forgot to throw a downy sheet in my dryer last wash, or that it went from a really wet summer to a really dry fall, but I also have a hunch that it might be the acidic rinse that I use.  I was going with lemon juice and that's when I noticed the issues, but that's also when I was getting into a routine, so I swapped back to white vinegar (I went with lemon juice because I can't stand the smell of the vinegar, but diluted more it's okay, and I can get away with about 6 capfuls of vinegar to an empty shampoo bottle filled with tap water.)

I don't know if it's helping or not.  I forgot to oil my hair when I got out of the shower this morning, so there was definite static, but even after I'm still dealing with it a little.  I used to love brushing my hair because it felt so good, but to be honest right now I'm avoiding it...which sucks.  I'm still trying to figure out what's causing the static and what I can do to prevent it.  Seriously static is the most nasty thing in my opinion; I'll be brushing my hair and as soon as my brush leaves me head, my hair goes "WOOSH" and it smells like static (I don't know if I'm weird and am the only one who can smell static, but there is a definite metallic smell), so we'll see.

I might run to the store and grab a silicone free leave-in conditioner.  Right now I'll take the bottle of vinegar, squirt that all through my hair and then run diluted aloe vera through my hair and rinse at the end of my shower.  I'm hoping it will adjust, but until then I might grab nexxus.  I also haven't done a moisture treatment in a LONG while, so that could definitely be the culprit as well.  I guess I just feel that if I'm using an all natural hair care regime I shouldn't have to use those other things as well since I'm not stripping my hair of it's natural components anymore.

We'll continue to try this out and if financially it makes sense and if I like my hair then we'll stick with it. Otherwise I might have to break down and go with my original hair care routine.

Other than that, nothing too big to report! I hope you are all doing well, and if you have any suggestions, like how to minimize the static, then by all means, give me a shout!

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