Guess what? Guess what?

Exciting news! I got rid of the staticky hair! Woot!!

Okay, I will admit that I did break down and I bought "Giovanni"'s hair treatment for critically damaged hair.  And to start off with, no I don't have damaged hair, I actually have very healthy hair, but I'm just taking about a tablespoon in an empty shampoo bottle and filling the rest with water and running that over my head.  So far, today I haven't had the tangling problem or the static problem which is such a relief, because it was driving me up the wall.

To be honest, I'm rethinking the whole shampoo bar thing.  I used to use Giovanni a long time ago and really liked, but I just didn't like paying the price for it, especially the conditioner.  I'm hoping that once I get through this bar, right now I'm using the "Butter Bar Conditioner" I'm can try Chagrin Valley's "Mud and Clay" bar, because I've heard great things about it and I'm looking for a bar that I can use as my body and shampoo bar that will last longer.  So far I don't think I'm going to get more than three weeks out of the Butter Bar because it's make with so many soft oils that it just melts out of your hand.  I love it, but I can't pay that much money on a regular basis. I might also just email the Chagrin Valley company up and ask them which bar lasts the longest based off the ingredients and we'll go with that.

I want to keep trying the shampoo bars because I know when I use a standard liquid shampoo I have to use up so much conditioner it's ridiculous.  So we'll see; I'll definitely keep you updated.  Thus far, I'm very pleased with the semi-routine I seem to have going for myself, hopefully I'll continue to fine-tune it as I go.  I also think I'm going to drop the Aloe Vera Gel (I wanted to run it through my hair after the vinegar rinse), but I just don't see it doing anything and the Giovanni conditioner already has the aloe in it along with some other great oils. I could just feel my hair going from staticky and dry to nice and soft.  And, no cones in this conditioner which is another BIG plus.

Okay, well I'm not on my home computer; I'm borrowing my mum's, so I will get off for now and keep you updated and I figure stuff out; thanks for reading and I hope  you're doing well :)

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