I did something really stupid...

Why is the grass always greener on the other side?

I think it's because, 1) God tells us not to do something and then we do it anyway so He says, "well, fine.  Learn it the hard way." and 2) Because we are just plain stupid sometimes and don't appreciate what we have.

That being said...I did something stupid.  I cut in bangs.

Bwahaha, I'm sure you all are like, "wait a minute, you were just telling us how great they were...?" And yeah, they were, for about two second and then I feel like I look like this;

That is not the face you see when you think, hmmm sexy! That is the face you see when you are about to die in a sugar-induced nightmare coma. Yeah.....so I'm not really happy right now.
But on the bright side, I'm learning to embrace my inner 80s mullet and have become a ninja at hiding my mullet bangs. Also, if there is anything my mother has taught me it's to look on the bright side of life...the bright side of this is that I now will appreciate and love the hair that my God gave me and will never ever try to have bangs cut in again.  Ever.  I might keep some pieces right at collar bone length for some face framing but that's it.  I'm writing off layers.  Ever.  Again.

I'm going to also do something a little fun; every night I'm going to take a picture of my bangs and when they are where I want them to be I'll create a gif for you guys to see the progress.

Picture number one to start off my journey from mullet hair:

That's all for now.  One word of advice, if you're thinking about it: DON'T CUT YOUR BANGS!!!!!

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