Project: How long can we make my curls last! Day 2

Alrighty, here we are on Day 2 of the curly hair Project.

So I slept with my curls on my satin pillow case and tried to make sure the curls were on top of the pillow instead of getting crushed, but I move around in my sleep so I did end up smooshing them a little bit.  Here is the result after I got dressed and just tossled the curls about a little bit.  Please keep in mind that this is with no product other than my Giovanni Anti-Frizz:

 Not bad!!  The very bottom of my hair near my neck had pretty much given up and let the curls falls so I had some wavy/straight locks, but for the most part they all held pretty well.  I was tempted to just leave my hair like it was, but the only problem is I tried running my fingers through my hair I noticed the dreaded rat's nest had started to form in several places.  I can't stand having tangled hair. I just can't....one of the reasons why I will never tease my hair apart from the fact that it's bad for your hair, it makes it tangling and I just don't like that feeling. So, I combed them out with my boxwood comb and then ran my brush through them.  This was the result: 

Honestly I don't think that's too bad.  It brushed out the ringlets, but it left some really nice waves and I still have a couple of ringlet face framing locks.  I like it and now it's tangle free.  So far I'm super impressed with the curformers...the last time I tried to make ringlets with a different product I gave myself an afro that fell into inconsistent spiral thingies. 

Another plus in this is that I'm starting to miss my straight hair, which is nice because I was getting bored.  I like being able to run my hands through my hair.  It will be nice to see how my hair fared through this whole experiment.  I might do a protein and honey masque afterwards, but since I used the WEN hair cleanser instead of shampooing two days in a row, I think it helped maintain the overall health.

I'll post third day hair tomorrow to see how it goes? 

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