Curlformers, woot woot!

Hey all,

So I bought some of these bad boys.  Curlformers!!  Well, okay, I got a generic version because they were much cheaper, but I purchased the "extra long and wide" generic version.

These are the results: 

I'm VERY pleased with it!  Pretty awesome right. 
So first I washed my hair like normal and then put in my Giovanni Anti Frizz serum, but I also mixed in about a dime size dollop of aloe vera gel and ran than through my damp hair. Then I took the curlformers, not really using any specific placement other than to try and alternate the colors (orange is clockwise, pink is counterclockwise) throughout my hair.  One these I noticed; YOU MUST IF YOU HAVE LONG HAIR APPLY THESE FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM.  Bottom to top is bad bad bad bad bad bad.  Well, for my hair anyway.  Also, use small sections.  I tried using bigger sections at the beginning and it was just too painful to pull my hair through, when I stopped using big sections and made them smaller it worked so much better and was very easy.  After that, I pretended to sleep on these, because let's face it, little plastic twisties in your hair just isn't conducive to sleeping deeply, but beauty is pain right? 

All in all, it took about thirty minutes to get the curlformers in, but I bet I can minimize that time now that I understand more how these boogers work.  It only took my fifteen minutes to take the curlformers out, and then after at I applied a homemade aloe vera and sugar water spray to keep the curls.  Honestly, I wish I hadn't because then I see how well the curls keep, so I'm going to wet my hair tonight and rinse out the sugar water, do it again and just let the curls fall throughout the rest of the week until I wash my hair and if they keep I'll post pictures of the week through. Plus that, sugar water as much as I like it as a hold, I don't like how I can't run my fingers through my curls.  When I took the curlformers out though, my hair was super soft and really bouncy.

Okidokies! I think that's it for now, I'll update and post photos of my hair in the curlformers tonight when I reapply :) 

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