Project: How long can we make my curls last! Day 1

Okay!  So we're going to conduct an experiment.  Yesterday you saw my awesome curlformer curls and I decided that I absolutely HATED the sugar water spray.  Not because of the bees; I actually don't mind critters flying around and smelling my hair, I just really didn't like how stiff and untouchable my hair was, and if you know me at all, you know that I like touching my hair. A lot. It's weird. So my experiment is to see how long I can make my curls last with just using my regular hair routine.

SO!  I went ahead and washed my hair with WEN last night and reapplied my curlformers, this time with smaller sections of hair; I ended up using 45 of them.  Before using the formers, I applied I used my Giovanni anti-frizz serum per usual, but didn't use any aloe vera.  I took them out this morning and this is how they look:

So you can see the curls are a little tighter individually because I used smaller sections, but they are also not as "sculpted" as they looked with the product in my hair, which is fine with me; I prefer the more natural, crazy look. I think next time I will mix in aloe with my serum because it made my hair really soft and shiny.

So here we are day 1.  I'm going to see how long I can make these babies last and will photograph my progress. The End! 

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