V-cut was a bad idea

Hello all,

Well I am here to say that I officially regret getting a v-cut.  I should have just stuck with the idea of layers throughout the length because with the way my hair is cut right now is feels SO SHORT!!!! *wails* I'm mean seriously, seriously short.  I know that I'm just shy of waist length again, but man it's so frustrating to not be there.  grr.  I mean...when you really think about it, I got the trim on the 30th of January.  22 days ago.  So you'd think that I would understand that my hair is not going to magically grow five inches in 22 days.  But it would be really nice :D

*sigh* oh well.  Hopefully things will start moving here pretty fast. It just seems like a frustrating month.  I've been dealing with some health issues - that I'm going to doctor for - and they've actually been causing me problems for about a year and a half now, but I had two flare ups this month which has really taken a lot out of my body; my hair  is falling out a little more and my nails are chipping more.  So I'm going to assume that my body is just trying to devote energy to other things than my vanity at the moment.  The nerve. I'm also going to start back on vitamins; I'm just trying to hold off until I know for sure what exactly I'm dealing with.

Oh oh oh! Also! I'm going to re-henna my hair on Friday! Woot woot!  I'm thinking do doing a video tutorial since I have yet to put up a second video because I just really haven't had the time lately, but we'll see.  I'll at the very least post pictures of the progress.  My mummy is going to stop by and help me get all the roots and stuff because even though I lost a lot of hair last year, I still have incredibly thick hair and last time didn't get my roots as well as I would have liked.  C'est la vie.

I'll talk to you soon!

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