Hello all,

I did my hair up with the Henna again and again am very pleased with the results:
It's really rich and deep and over the week it has darkened to a more auburn like color.  Definitely the change I was looking for. 

For my henna I ordered from This lovely place, I got the Ancient Sunrise Red.  I ordered two packages with come with two 100mg bags each.  Because my hair is so thick I ended up using all of it with a little leftover to make pretty henna designs on my mum's arm :) I poured all the packets out and mixed a medium bottle of lemon juice into it along with warm water until it was mashed potatoes consistency.  I let it sit over night and then added some more warm water to it until it was yogurt consistency.  Then we slopped in on my head and I let it sit for 10-12 hours.  When I rinsed I tried to get my hair out of the little buns we formed it into with the Henna on and then slathered a ton of cheap conditioner over it and let my head sit under the running bathtub faucet for a good ten minutes or so.  (I had bruises on my knees lol).  After that I combed it out gently with more conditioner and rinsed with cold water and was all done! 

I think that Henna is super awesome, but going through all the trouble I think that this will be my last application. My hair is just too thick and too long to deal with it on a regular basis so I'm going to try Manic Panic Vampire Red next time to see what happens. 

Pros of Henna: 
Plant dye, no chemicals
Gives a lovely rich color that compliments your natural color and darkens to look more natural 
Good for your hair 
Lasts forever 

Smells.  Bad. 
Is very permanent
Difficult to work with and to get out 
If you get something other than body art quality henna you could be in for a bad chemical reaction surprise

All in all, I've enjoyed my experience, and I love the color, but it's also expensive for me to get the henna shipped from my preferred vendor.  I had fun while it lasted though! 

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