Sorry it's been so long

Well hello everybody,

Sorry I haven't been around in a while (to the few who read this blog lol), but it's been really busy.  My husband and I just moved and we're still trying to settle in, work has been crazy and I haven't been doing really well lately so I'm trying to get back on my feet.

I went to the doctor's this week to get some blood work done...we're checking my thyroid, blood sugar levels and doing a  blood count test; I've been noticing a lot happening that are all little things by themselves, but putting them all together could definitely mean there is something going on.  So we'll see!  The bigger thing I've noticed is that my hair is shedding...and I this is every girl's nightmare!  I'm really hoping that it's just a phase and it will stop soon, or that if it is connected to my thyroid that we'll get it regulated soon...I'm finally at a length where I can be happy with it and just let it grow with no real goal.  I don't want to lose all of my hard work :(

So that's where we are...I'll keep you all updated as I figure more out.  Nothing else really special to report; just kinda hanging in there!

*UPDATE* I got my results from the doctor's office and apparently I'm extremely healthy except for the chronic depression; which I've had for forever and that's not why I had the tests done, so an aside more than anything.  I'm going to chalk the things I've been noticing up to stress and changes in routines.  So yeah! Woot!  No problems!
I've also noticed that the hair shedding seems to have dissipated to a normal shed during showers, and for the most part I don't shed in between washings as much, which is what I was told to expect.  So more good news, yay!

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