Just an update because it's been forever

Hello all!

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while; it's just been so busy!

Not a whole to report on my end - we're getting ready for our summer reading programs at the library and a whole lot of birthdays happen in May, and with summer around the corner we just have so much planned.  I'll keep posting photos and stuff as I get around to them, but I'll probably be a bit incognito for a while.

Oh! I do have so exciting news; I received a modeling offer - there is a local photography business in my area that is interested in doing a wedding dress shoot and they really dig my hair so they offered it to me; I'm sure it doesn't pay anything; they just hired a new photographer that they want to help get experience for, and I'm just more interested in it for fun.  I don't think I would ever pursue a modeling career, but it's nice to know that people think I could!

I'll keep you posted on that as it happens.

I took a picture of my chocolate chip and chocolate chip craisin muffins for you:

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