Subscription issues with my blog and an update

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you so much to one of my reader's for letting me know that my subscribe option was not working on my blog, which might explain the high volume of views, but no followers - it's either that or I'm just not worth following *enter melodramatic violin music*.

So I have fixed that!

Also, I want to apologize because I have not been blogging near as faithfully as I would like to these past two weeks; it's been very busy at work and a lot of stuff has been happening at home, so I've just been a little to busy.

My mom has been hit by the period hair bug and has been trying lots of cool different hairstyles, so I wanted to share that with you today.  If anyone is super interesting in how to do this hairstyle, let me know and we'll record a video for you.  I do want to start doing hairstyle videos too, but I'm still trying to find the right place in my house to do it and figuring out the right settings on my camera; I don't know enough about it yet to really be efficient about it and I hate poor quality videos because you lose so much of the detail.

Okidokies, I think that's it for now!

Here is my mom's hairstyle creation:

Side view

Front view:

I love this style because it is very versatile; you could use this for a number of different eras and it's still modern enough that you could easily use it for everyday work use as well.  Very classy and apparently it held very well, so a good long lasting hairstyle.  Thanks, mom!

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